Darkstorm Entwined

by Ashtorath

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Ashtorath - Darkstorm Entwined, was conceived aphotically - to take from the greek, 'without light' is to say, during storm or night only. A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) ran alongside power outages in the depths of Canada's central mountainous outskirts, close to Dewinton Alberta. Through long journeys across the earth and beneath a multitude of seasons, a reclusive experiment began to harness the essence of natural energy in a digital medium. For half a decade this location served as studio and haven.
The guides for the manifestation of this album were this; to use physical instrumentation to reflect the energy of the wind, rain, hail, and snow, the life/death cycles of the unforgiving north, and to be out-of-mind (oblivious to the ritual) during the sun's reign that no material could be influenced from sunlight. From here the result seems to be earth's sentiments as it drinks life but fathoms death. Frequencies are attuned to the gift of storm, received by the eternal wilderness that will outlast every stone of man.


released August 12, 2001



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Track Name: StormShard
The smoking obsidian cracks, a shard of blackened grey 'neath the veil of dream weavers where all is wrought. Look deep into the black glass-like stone, for it too looks back into thee. And so the storm beckons in deep tones.
Track Name: The Darkwood Forest
The once verdant forest of dreams-passed. A lost wisdom within the seed of growth, strayed -- magick now arcane. Grey mists of evereve amidst the ageless wood of dark, how the cold branches claw.
Track Name: Princess of Death
Where ashen skies weep their greave, her dress of sloe-ebon pon tears of forever autumn, the forest beyond sways in predominant hymns 'neath the darkened sky. She watches silently the falling rain amongst verdant gardens.
Track Name: Throne of Eltirith
Betwixt the risen plates of eons past, the path, brought of thorned archways from whence there came, hooded, cast, through realms wreathed in black at last to stand afore and gaze.
Track Name: Of Countess Gloom (by night)
Companion, thou art lost, fettered by distant chains that conspired to teach bereavement. A message in a bottle, alas the language is forgotten.